UPL: Vorskla defeated in Odessa thanks to a goal Chizhov

8 December in the framework of the 18th round of the Premier League Vorskla of Ukraine in Odessa won Chernomorets.

For Poltava goal at the 4 th minute scored Alexander Chizhov. This goal was victorious in the meeting and Vorskla with 27 points located on 5-th place in turnmy table of the Premier League.

Premier League of Ukraine. 18-first round

Chernomorets Odessa – Vorskla Poltava – 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: Chizhov, 4.

The defeat of the Dynamo in Lviv

8 December in the framework of the 18th round of the Premier League of Ukraine Karpaty Lviv played with Dynamo Kiev.

“White-blue” managed to print the gate of Galicia in the 29th minute. Victor Tsygankov struck free kick and the ball miraculously rebound from Karpachova entered the gates of the Maxim Kuchinsky.

In the second half of the meeting, the Kiev strengthened the advantage due to the fact that Tsygankov twice scored the goal of the Lviv team. Another goal in the asset recorded Nikolay Shaparenko.

As a result, for a winter break Dynamo went with a bright a hat-trick Tsygankova and victory over the Carpathians with the score 0:4!

Premier League of Ukraine. 15-th round

Karpaty Lviv – Dynamo Kyiv – 0:4 (0:1)

Goals: Tsygankov, 29, 50, 90+1 Shaparenko, 89.

Match completed!

💚 Karpaty 0:4 Dinamo 🔵#FCDKLive #Karateginka pic.twitter.com/I0VkuKY7CR

— FC Dynamo Kyiv (@DynamoKyiv) December 8, 2018

We will add that in the first round Dinamo lost at home Karpaty 0:2, so today’s victory was a real revenge.

As reported by the portal Know.ia in the match of the Ukrainian championship Dynamo won against Chernomorets (2:0).


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