Vasiliev day, February 12: the main signs of light holiday

Vasiliev day in Ukraine is celebrated on 12 February. According to legends people in this day in the forest animals celebrate the wedding.

Animals fight each other and whoever wins, becomes a bride and has the right to marry the beloved of the pack. On this day people try not to walk in the woods, because it was considered dangerous.

On this day the believers had the right to eat meat. The hostess was serving meals from wild birds and animals. Cooked game with a particular style: it was served on a table beautifully decorated, and stuffed with different fillings. Of course, hunting people walked in advance, considering that Vasiliev day should not do it.

Signs on 12 Feb

  • It is impossible to spin yarn, washable and knitting to this day – a bad omen.
  • Strong wind – spring, summer and autumn are rainy.
  • Snow falls from the sky in large flakes – for an early heat.
  • Wild animals come to the village, climb into the gardens and orchards to a strong frost.
  • Field mouse running around in the snow to warm.
  • The moon red – a strong wind.
  • Frost on the trees to thaw.
  • North wind is blowing, but the sky remains clear – for a strong frost.
  • The sun from time to time hidden behind clouds to the snow storm.
  • To’eva of the day those who are fighting, have to be reconciled, otherwise the whole year will have to quarrel.
  • Around the sun in circles – good harvest this year.
  • Wolves howling up to the intense cold.
  • Men have this day to work in the yard – it will go quickly and successfully.
  • 12 Feb it was safe to build any plans – they must come to pass soon!
  • It was impossible that day to get angry and jealous – not good.
  • If vistais the door old shoes will save the whole family from quarrels and disagreements.
  • If this day was born the child, he will have a good understanding of birds and animals.

There is a popular belief, today is not spinning, washing, knitting, sewing, Shoe horses and anything to do with his hands, because that will hurt the feet and hands. In case of strong needs three times read “our father” and asked for forgiveness from the icon of the three hierarchs

Recall, the Orthodox holiday on 12 February, Trehtsvetie. According to the Church calendar, this date is celebrated the Synaxis of the three hierarchs: St. John Chrysostom, Basil the Great and Gregory the theologian.

As reported Know. EN, Orthodoxy February 12 Trehtsvetie.

Know. EN wrote that national holiday Vasiliev day, February 12.


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