Viktor Pavlik brought Ukrainians to tears: cancer patient’s son in hospital, pray constantly

Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik, whose son is already nearly four months struggling with sarcoma of vertebrae, addressed the fans with an unexpected message.

Appropriate treatment, the singer announced on the air “Breakfast with 1+1”.

The actor said that now the condition of the 19-year-old son Paul whom the surgery was performed at the Institute of neurosurgery, much better.


“Thank you to all the people who prayed, supported, we are treated we’re doing to improve, the tests get better and better. Go through chemotherapy. Thank God for everything, really felt Your support,” said Pavlik.

In addition, the actor added that further treatment was planned in Israel, but Paul was strongly opposed to go overseas, so now is in Kiev at the Institute of Oncology. Thanks to the involvement and support of the people, the family has the option to continue treatment, although Pavlik already stopped collecting means.

“As they say do not have 100 rubles, have 100 friends, and in this case, I think the fact that I have so many friends across the planet throughout the earth is very very nice. Thank You very much. Be blessed and glory to God, glory to Ukraine”, – concluded the singer.

Recall the famous Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik appealed to his supporters with an unexpected request.

Viktor Pavlik

He wrote about this on my own page on Facebook.

In particular, the singer asked fans to stop sending him money, after all, already collected enough for the necessary treatment cancer patients son.

As reported previously Know.ia Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik, who few weeks ago reported about the terrible disease of his son, said to stop the collection of funds for treatment.

Viktor Pavlik

About it it is written on his page in Instagram.

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