Who would doubt: Ukrainians warned how much it will cost the main Christmas cake

Price fluctuations for the tangerines before the New year, yet not expected. It is reported by the expert Alexey Doroshenko in comments to UNN.

He noted that the price of Mandarin oranges will remain stable, and the New year they may even be cheaper through promotional offers.

“Now things are going well and if will go in such a scenario, we will see that no increases be made. We most likely will have that price until the end of the month, maybe even some will do discounts on the best products on the mediocre,” – said Doroshenko.

Discounts possible in commercial networks, but the markets and small shops rarely satisfied with the action. Doroshenko added that at the moment it is unknown how many mandarins importers have contracted for December.

The expert explained that the contracts for the supply of citrus fruits in Ukraine are for six months. Therefore, to adjust the amount of this product on the market in the season is very problematic.

The price of tangerines can grow only if the demand exceeds the offer, however, according to the economist, is that this is not observed.

Earlier it was reported that by the end of this year meat and milk in Ukraine will rise by another 1-2%.

“Until the end of the year we expect growth of prices for dairy group 1-2%. The meat will also grow by the level of interest,” he said.

According to him, the growth of prices for dairy products in Ukraine due solely to seasonal factors — the transfer of cattle grazing in closed areas and falling yields.

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As reported Know. EN products in Ukraine will start to mark new. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a bill that approves the requirements to the product wrote clear and accessible information which would not mislead the consumer.

Know. ru wrote that the prices for milk and meat mass make Ukrainians vegan. The growth of prices for dairy products in Ukraine due solely to seasonal factors.


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