Widow Gaidai “original” met her husband for the brazen harassment: “menopause and g*VNO”

The widow of Director Leonid Gaidai actress Nina Grebeshkova commented on the star of “the Caucasian captive” Natalia Varley that the filmmaker sought it. Words Greblo the radio station “Moscow speaking” on Friday, December 7.

According to her, the reason words Varley was the climax. She also noted that he had not read the books actress, and advised journalists “not to dig in any shit.”

“To the Embassy contact, but he died 25 years ago. I’m not interested,” added Grebeshkova.

Earlier Friday it was reported that half a century has passed since then, as the screens came the cult Soviet movie “the Caucasian prisoner” and 25 years since the death of Director Leonid Gaidai, but the main star pattern Natalya Varley remembered something. In his autobiography, the 71-year-old actress spoke about the harassment by Gaidai, who survived during the filming.

After the celebration of the birth of Alexander Demyanenko, who played in “Caucasian captive” the role of the Shura, Leonid Gaidai volunteered to hold Varley at the hotel. But the Director went to his room, where he lived with his wife, and went for Natasha to her room and tried to close the door behind him, despite requests Actresses not to do so.

“And we sat down — I on the edge of a chair, and Leonid Iovich in a chair by the window across the street. The situation was more than awkward… I started to fill in, something babbling about the birthday party of Sasha, about tomorrow’s shooting… And then in the hallway there was a loud sound of hurried steps and stopped in the doorway of Nina Pavlovna. Embarrassment I found nothing smarter than to say: “We’re talking about work!”. Nina Pavlovna silently left. The door slammed next door. Leonid Iovich rose from his chair and went to the door, I went to close the door behind him. But Gaidai suddenly he locked it, came back and tried to kiss me,” he told Varley on the pages of his book “Kanatohodka”.

Also remember, the star of “the Caucasian captive” declared harassment.

As mentioned in a recent article “Know.ia”, one of the victims of the Director, told the terrible details of his harassment.

We will remind, scandalous oligarch gave his wife a prostitute.


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