Without queues and unnecessary inquiries: the utility has simplified the lives of Ukrainians

Ukrainians asked the condition of conversion of the heating system in the house. Now you do not need to stand in a queue in the relevant services to obtain the necessary permits.

This was reported by representatives of the Ministry of regional development and construction.

For the reconstruction and overhaul of internal engineering systems (particularly heating systems and ventilation) do not need to visit the State architectural and building inspection and gather information.

Updated List of construction works that do not require additional documentation approved in the government at the end of 2018. Until the document entered into force, waiting for official publication.

So, under what conditions do not need permission.

During the reconstruction of the internal heating, namely:

  • — heating, in particular, involves the installation and replacement of individual heating substations, replacement of pipelines of heating systems, balancing of heating systems, installation of balancing valves and/or flowmeter, changing the type of heating system from one-pipe to two-pipe and/or vertical to horizontal, installing or replacing heating appliances equipment heating devices automatic temperature controls in buildings, installation and replacement of instrumentation valves and other equipment for the heat energy metering;
  • — ventilation;
  • — water supply and sanitation, including pipelines;
  • — power & low-voltage systems which ensure the functioning of buildings and structures.

The conversion can be carried out without permits for both residential and non-residential premises.

Recall from 1 January in Ukraine started the monetization subsea, which will be held in three stages. At the final fall of 2019 people who were able to save on subsidies, will pay «live» money remains. However, «Naftogaz» warned that the debt for communal excess of 340 hryvnia may cause denial of benefits from the state.

As reported previously Know.ia experts told, why the monetization of subsidies in Ukraine could fail.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that PrivatBank has started without warning, to remove from the accounts of the Ukrainian part of the salary and other income on account of debts.

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