Yanukovych run away from Russia, and Interpol won’t do anything: the chief Prosecutor revealed a disturbing truth

Ukraine will address to Israel with the request for extradition of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych if he would go there for treatment.

About it follows from the statement during a broadcast on the channel “New times” chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios. Says the Prosecutor, ex-the guarantor was declared wanted by the Interpol system, but Israel in this organization is not a member.

Viktor Yanukovych

Still, between the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the state of Israel is a legal cooperation.

“There are certain international legal procedure. If you will be fact, we have to turn,” — said Matios.

However, as stated by the Prosecutor, deposed President is unlikely to be resolved on departure.

“I really believe in any movement from outside the reservation, where the ex-President of Ukraine by birth and origin, this former reservation – it is exactly the Rostov region and some small territorial unit where they live under protection is not exactly the Ukrainians, and the intelligence services of another country,” emphasizes Anatoly Matios.

We will remind, Yanukovych will try to salvage Israeli doctors: “the Injury is very serious”

The injury of the ex-President Viktor Yanukovych turned out to be very serious, because of what he may need moving to Israel for permanent treatment.

This was reported in Facebook by his lawyer Alexander Gorodinsky.

The lawyer said that in Moscow to meet with the defendant Yanukovych he could not, however, he met the Israeli surgeon who told about the healing process of the ex-President.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” Prosecutor General’s office finally figured out who was behind the shooting of the Maidan

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the Prosecutor General’s office has completed the examination in the case of crimes during the revolution of dignity on Maidan.

About this Lutsenko told the TV channel inter.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Yanukovych disappeared at a crucial moment for Ukraine

During the proceedings of treason in the Obolon district court of Kiev suspect is a former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has not been in contact for the last word. This was confirmed by referee Vladislav Devyatko


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