Your woman is cheating: the fastest and easiest way to learn the truth

Biologists from Oxford University conducted a study to find out how to identify women capable of treason.

This information is reported replyua.net.

Experts have found striking detail – the hallmark of a woman who is ready to change her chosen.

According to scientists, women with a longer index finger than the ring, more often cheat on their men.

Scientists cited the scientific evidence of this phenomenon. Accordingly, the larger the ratio, the higher the level of estrogen in the body. Women with high estrogen levels are often not satisfied with the relations with partner looking for other men.

Their guesses scientists have confirmed not only by people. Apes, mice and rats also observed a similar effect.

We will remind, on November 23 – one of the most popular days of intrigue “on the side” this year. This can be explained as the cold weather and the last chance “wrong” how they should walk before the long weekend, reports Magicforum.

In some countries this day is called “bad Friday,” because it is perhaps the last opportunity of the traitors to do their dirty work, while remaining in the shadows. And all because of the fact that the long-awaited season of holidays and gifts, and it will agree, not the best time to edit. So be careful if this day is your other half a little late at work.

At least, that such information publishes a popular website, which organizes Dating for married people. The sites enjoy a significant demand: they bring together people who are already married, but want to have someone on the side.

As previously reported, “Know.ia”, Stress the “adult video” and not only that: scientists have listed the murderers libido.

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