Zelensky and Monatic agreed to fight on camera: now let’s dance

New comic room, with a deep sense of the Studio «Kvartal 95», which was attended by popular Ukrainian singer Monatic and Vladimir Zelensky called the web a real storm of emotions.

A video with a new issue published on the official website of the Studio «Kvartal 95» in the social network Facebook, writes portal «Poltica».

The video is signed: «MONATIK As I passed a casting on dancing with the Stars». Also the room can be viewed on the Youtube channel of the Studio.

The main performers – Vladimir Zelensky, Stepan Kazanin and Elena Kravets, the plot, represented by the «95th Quarter» – they appeared as judges show «Dancing with the stars» who need to put marks for the performance of the Ukrainian singer MONATIK.

According to the plan rooms, Vladimir Zelenski played the role of Nikolay Tishchenko, who was on the bench coaches, while in the show «dancing with the stars», performed as a participant, not as a judge. Also among the judges was Lesya Nikityuk, which had to play Elena Kravets. And Stepan Kazanin has played host to «the World inside out» Dmitry Komarov. They turned out pretty good and typical «Quarter 95» manner.

At the end of the room the singer’s performance «the judge» assessed as follows:

«I’m all in shock from his biceps, but the dance sucks,» summed up Volodymyr Zelensky.

«Damn sho know. This dance reminded me of my uncle Tolya from Khmelnitsky market. Here you are also cool as you can,» Elena Kravets.

«And I liked that bullshit said about my dancing» — Stepan Kazanin.

It is worth Recalling that Zelensky, who in the new year television announced his candidacy for President of Ukraine, got the idea for this for a long time and are diligently preparing for such a step. And his party «servant of the people» showman registered a year ago not just.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Studio «Kvartal 95» new year’s eve showed a parody of the annual address of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the country with a new show «a Christmas Evening Quarter 2019» in honor of the New year.

Recall Zelensky immediately left the Ukraine: what’s going on.

As reported Know.ia, the CEC has registered 5 presidential candidates, and Zelensky is still there.

Know.Eeyore wrote, Poroshenko submitted the Declaration of another half a billion: it’s just a gift.


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