Zelensky comes on the heels winnick: in the handler of the she-wolf woke up presidential ambitions

Popular Ukrainian singer, showman and heartthrob Oleg Vinnik has not remained indifferent to the upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for March 2019.

The same he shared his ambitious plans to join the race for the presidency.

As it turned out, the contractor was thinking to go into politics, but he said that in order to nominate a candidate for the presidency, he needs certain conditions.

According to winnick, to run for President of Ukraine, he must be a billionaire. In an interview with the singer’s confession.

“If I was a billionaire and would know that my budget is more our country, I would go for the presidency and made her happy. It is, frankly, just from the heart. When I have not even thought about how cool it is to own great funds that you can invest in the development of their country,” – said Oleg Vinnik.

We will remind, earlier it was noted that the well-known Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova indulges his fans in Instagram pictures. Not so long ago she posted for everyone to see your photo in 16 years, triggering a flurry of emotions. Fans noticed that the eldest daughter Polyakova as two peas similar to his mother in the photo.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”: artist Edel Lynn accused winnik is that he steals fragments of other people’s songs and passes it off as their own. For this reason, as noted by Lynn, in the texts of Ukrainian artist does not have any meaning. Winnick, in turn, denies all charges and accuses Edel ‘ libel and threatens legal proceedings. In particular, we are talking about the song Take me prisoner, with which Lara Meltemi was already made in 2001, but after some time, her lawyer found the same song, but performed by winnik on the Internet.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that with the finalist of battle of the psychics there was a curious case. The woman in the project have covered many events in the past and future, spent an incredible investigation, could not foresee the theft of mirrors from the vehicle. How to involve users in the network: “clogged chakras, third eye did not see, had to go to the cops.”


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