“Swung so that the fat hand flew” the Ukrainian teacher alyona alyona has released a new rap Manifesto

Alain Savranenko, better known as rap singer Alyona Alyona, after the huge single “Fish” and a lyrical and philosophical songs, “Head” presented the video for the new song “open up”.

Video published on the channel of the singer in YouTube.

Under the powerful bit with deep bass Alyona Alyona in the company of young people of Kiev and colorful residents of his native village baryshivka reads convincingly about the power of intention:

“The new generation opens your chart. Reckless and bold street art”.

As a Director of the new video was again made by Yan Bolotov from Israel. Previously, he has worked with Alyona Alyona on the video “Fish 2”.

Herself Alyona Alyona – about the track: “I wrote this with thoughts of new generation, which is categorically different from the Soviet. We are adults, we are creative, we are creative. We want to make this world their ideas, to make history on his own script and develop the culture of the country in a new direction. This track is a call. Make us understand and accept our choice of who to be, how to look, how to live and what to do.”

It is worth noting that in the comments to the video users have left many rave reviews:

“Rocked so much that fat from the arms almost flew out!”

“I got robbed! Alena, I love you”

“I’m addicted you’re my drug”

“When you have a concert tour in Ukraine?”

“Where can pay to this album on my phone?”

We have previously reported that Elena Savranenko, the usual teacher of the Kiev region, just recently blasted the network for their specific style of songs. It is now known as Alyona Alyona, the author of the hit “Fish behind the glass.”

Why I decided to perform rap while working in the kindergarten of the village of Dernivka – allegedly not compatible things at first glance? In an interview, the newly minted star confessed: she had resigned because she wants to make new clips. And this would constantly take time off.

We will remind, the new Ukrainian hip-hop singer alyona alyona presented debut track “Fish” as well as the clip .

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